Final Inspector $14 :

Mansfield, Tx

 Job Qualifications

  1. Must be able to read and write English.
  2. Must be capable of: (100-400 times per shift)
  1. Lifting and carrying of parts (with a partner) that may weigh as much as 150 lbs. (average parts weigh 40-60 lbs.)
  2. Stooping, climbing, or crouching with some frequency.
  3. Repetitive movements (grasping, pushing, and pulling)
  1. Must be on your feet all day (standing or walking)
  2. Must be able to visually inspect parts and read hazardous labels on chemical containers.
  3. Will receive training to become qualified for job.
  4. Reliable attendance and punctuality are a must.
  5. Ability to work in a team.
  6. Visual inspection of parts for small defects, use of precision measuring instruments, and recording of data.
  7. Ability to work overtime, as needed (This to include scheduled days off and up to 10 hour shifts with little notice to complete production).


Final Inspector:



  1. Set up inspection area.
  2. Set up and operation of DA-SPEC-190 air gauge.
  3. Set up and operation of fiber-optic inspection light.
  4. Clean all the plugs and rings as necessary.
  5. Inspect work from the previous day.
  6. Visual inspection with the fiber-optic light.
  7. Check for surface finish of plating.
  8. Check for I.D. dimension using the air gauge.
  9. Check threads with gauge when necessary.
  10. Complete Batch Processing Sheet.
  11. Identify all items that deviate from finish dimension standards.
  12. Label all tubes that are out of finish dimension standards.
  13. Record plating defects and necessary action in “Plating Defect Log.”
  14. Report inspection results to Production Manager and Chemical Process Engineer.
  15. Clean all gauges and rings thoroughly before putting them away.
  16. Maintain all equipment as follows:
  17. Check the calibration of the gauges
  18. Check the calibration of the thread gauges
  19. Inspect gauge plugs and rings for wear and defects (one per week).
  20. Keep all rings and plugs clean
  21. Check air hoses and fittings for leaks and tightness (daily).
  22. Always use proper safety equipment.
  23. Any other duties as assigned by management.