Monday – Friday ( 1 Saturday out of the month)
7 am to 4:30 pm

Loading/unloading of material on to/off of trucks.
2. Unpacking of material, verifying material against packing list, accurate inspection, and gauging of material, etching of Dura-Tech I.D. number on the material, and putting the material in the appropriate storage area.
3. Pulling and batching loads in preparation
4. Packing of completed material for shipment, verifying of actual material against Dura-Tech packing list.
5. Loading of plated material on the oven.
QF-200n Effective Date: 04/01/08 Revision: A
6. Running the oven for the correct amount of time and logging the date and time on the oven chart.
7. Unloading the oven, sorting the material by the company and stacking it neatly on the storage racks in preparation for shipment.
8. Unload incoming chemical shipments, verify material against packing list, and move chemicals to proper storage areas.
9. Receive and pack U.P.S. shipments, verify material against packing list, and deliver material to appropriate person or department.
10. Overall area maintenance including:
• Keep packing material put away in a designated area (neatly) when not being used.
• At the end of each shift, pick up any debris, put away packing materials, organize any orders going in or out, and sweep floors
• Keep dust and dirt at a minimum.
• Keep flammable material containers closed and put away when not in use.
• Keep storage racks and transport carts in good repair.
• Keep material neatly stacked on storage arms for both incoming work and completed work.

Mansfield, Texas